Greek Legends Slots

Greek Legends is a slot machine featuring the gods and heroes of Greek Mythology.

About the Game

Greek Legends Slot machine is a Unity3D-based casino game; a traditional slot machine with added game play mechanics, for expanding slots. The core component of the game is a virtual nine-reel slot machine with 25 pay lines and one mini-game.


  • The bonus game for the slot is not an actual separate interaction but more a rule set on how the game acts when (multiple) wild cards are in play at once.
  • The User gets two icons stacked we will grow the icon to fill the space- when all three icons in a column are filled we will remove the icons and reveal a special GOD image behind. The entire Reel then becomes a wild card.
  • Animated tokens
  • Animated pay lines with particle effects
  • When the player wins more than 20x their total bet on the combined pay line wins plus mini-game wins, a Big Win animation will be played. This consists of the words BIG WIN that slide onto the screen, followed by a rain or fountain of gold coins that fall across the screen.
  • This game has a progressive jackpot that is won when a player gets 5 Jackpot symbols in a row on one line during normal play.

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