Easy Money Slots

Easy Money is a virtual five-reel slot machine with 50 pay lines and one additional mini-game.

About the Game

The theme of Easy Money Slots game is about low-class folks who score lots of money. The art style is cartoony, with caricatures for the icons. This game has a special Pick 7 Bonus mini-game. The player can pick from up to 7 different Hiding Places in the Hidden Money Bonus room.



  • Hidden Money Bonus game
  • The mini-game is a bedroom with 7 different hiding places where money could be stashed.
  • Big Win animation¬†(win is 20x total Bet)
  • Progressive jackpot that is won when a player gets 5 Jackpot symbols in a row on one line during normal play.
  • 50 pay lines
  • Animated tokens


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