GreenStreets 2: Shmootz Happens!

  • January 16, 2015
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Enter the fantasy world of Greenstreets where kids play with a variety of characters, each with their own unique financial and ecological personalities. Combining fun game play, learning and connectivity to the important adults in your child’s life.

About the Game

Based upon the financial literature of Neale Godfrey, bestselling author of “Money doesn’t Grow on Trees”. Join the fun in the magical town of Greenstreets by rescuing endangered animals. Earn money by planting a beautiful garden or by tossing items in the tree house using the catapult, creating robots from recycled junk, saving energy around the house and keeping Shmootz, the gooey monster who is always making a mess, from ruining all the fun!

Bring the magic of Greenstreets to life by visiting GreenstreetCommons.com to obtain job cards, job charts and an activity book. Another revolutionary element of Greenstreets is the incorporation of Augmented Reality, brought to you by Aurasma. With separate job cards, job charts, activity book and animal badges, children will scan the items at the Greenstreets bank from within the app, which will activate the Augmented Reality. Watch the magic as the job cards come to life! Job cards will also earn in game money! Parents and grandparents can have children perform chores to earn allowance and start to understand the concept of work-for-pay.



  • Includes 3 new mini games
  • 4 new animal types to rescue (for a total of 8 endangered animals to rescue)
  • This app educates children (ages 5-8) on the concepts of risk, insurance and credit.




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