Gator in the Elevator

Take a wild ride through the action packed adventures of one Alligator that got bored living in the Sewers...More "where's my legs" than Where's my Water...

 Warning: You will never feel safe in an Elevator again...

About the Game

Gator in the Elevator is a side scrolling 2d "platform" destruction game building on the myth of giant Alligators living in New York Sewers. The game starts with a giant alligator escaping the sewers and then working its way up a skyscraper floor-by-floor. Starting in the subway then the parking garage and lower basements then Shops and apartments and office. Each floor will be very long and offer its own challenges. A special Bonus can be played if the user can get their alligator into the elevator, where they can try and kill as many people in the lift before the time runs out.


  • Each Level is filled with 20 people that are looking to escape
  • 70 different destructible props to destroy
  • Elevator eating micro game - eat as many people to score big at the end of each level
  • Timed game play WITHOUT a clock - the closing elevator doors act as a timer
  • 40 levels with 9 different locationsEndless rampage/destruction game with handcrafted levels



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