Cisco Sales Runner

Cisco Sales Runner is a one touch, side-scrolling game where the player takes the role of either a Cisco sales associate or a Cisco customer as they run through the sales process, avoiding pitfalls and closing the deal.

About the Game

The core mechanic is derived from the ever-popular endless runner side-scrolling type games. Your goal is to make it through the obstacle course as fast as you can and try to achieve the high score or beat your previous best. Selecting a male or female character, the user runs, tapping to make them jump to avoid obstacles placed in their path and to collect sales. At certain points along the path the player will be presented with specific pitfalls and problems that can be solved more easily and lucratively by partnering with a co-pilot. Creating obstacle scenarios that track with the Master Specialists or salesperson’s core competencies.


  • Call-to-action buttons encourage players to share their experience via Facebook and Twitter.
  • The leaderboard shows the player where their score is in relation to all those that have played the game in a certain time frame
  • The leaderboard data can be captured and the top players in a given time period can be awarded prizes

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