Our Team

Fourth Monkey’s mission is to produce the highest quality and most rewarding interactive experience possible. We feel the best way to meet this goal is to encourage innovation and creativity within the culture of our staff, and deliver a uniquely special product to the competitive marketplace. Our staff are our major focus of our energy, as we endeavor to team only with the most innovative and dependable creative thinkers. Artists, programmers managers and designers with a story to tell, and an unparalleled passion for their work are the springboard to our collective success.

Artists each with over 12 years of industry experience represent our core art team. Each artist began their professional careers in the broadcast animation industry covering off all of the major production roles and have recently branched into the realm of video game production.

Our teams of software engineers have held at least one lead position and each have over 5 titles to their credit. The cohesion and fusing of these inter-related art forms allow for the foundation of a company with an extraordinary ability to communicate effectively with artistic vision collaborating and executing with technical practicality.


Kirsten’s career began in the high-pressure world of film and television as an Associate Producer and Producer of award winning content. Craving a new challenge, she went on to become the Senior Production Manager for a large video game producer, ensuring the delivery of numerous popular console titles. Most recently she has produced and managed a number of branded online educational games. Kirsten brings her production and executive experience to bear on all Fourth Monkey projects.


Art Team

Fourth Monkey Media's art team is comprised of a collection of veteran talent culled mostly from the animation industry. The art team has delivered numerous games and countless cartoons, their style is diverse, their humour is perverse, their shoes are Converse! These wily silverbacks flex their muscles around their Cintiqs, grip pencils in their hands and feet and can finger paint their wrinkled monkey faces off.

Programming Team

Fourth Monkey Media's tech team seems out of place in the dank humid air of the monkey house. Erudite, brilliant, problem solving engineers unafraid to find the most efficient way to pick nits out of each other's fur. These simian smarty pants have worked in a huge variety of programming languages to deliver dozens of engaging, enthralling and entertaining User experiences.

Design Team

Our little monkeys in the design team have  over 12 years experience in the industry, having worked on 30+ titles (shipping an estimated 40 Million+ units) on a wide variety of platforms and genres; in fact everything from music games and puzzle games to sandbox/open world games sports titles.  With a solid portfolio of published games and extensive knowledge of video game/User experience design they always striving to create games that are fun, high quality, and innovative.

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