'Play No Evil'


4th Monkey Media is a leading independent game development company with a highly skilled and experienced management team, providing affordable first class game production and co-production services since 2011. We have successfully completed over 25 projects.


With our team of 14 seasoned professionals Fourth Monkey is a small but mighty independent developer. We cover off all major areas of game development, such as art creation and graphic design (2D and 3D), programming, game design, project management, QA and additional services like porting.


With decades of combined experience in film, television and gaming, Fourth Monkey media prides itself on collaboration. We work directly with our clients to come up with the most compelling game mechanics and game play so that we are able to deliver a product that everyone is proud to call their own. We are able to work with Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Fourth Monkey uses products such as Basecamp and Testflight for full visability into the development process. Fourth Monkey Media gives clients direct access to builds as they are built and we take pride in being fully transparent.





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